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Men’s Wellness Experts in Tucson, Arizona

Our Partners

Tucson Strength and Fitness

The Men’s Clinic for Wellness and Vitality has partnered with Tucson Strength and its professional staff. Together we perform detailed physical assessments of mobility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness to paint a clear picture of your baseline fitness needs as well as your progress. Tucson Strength is a premier strength training facility that prioritizes quality instruction and an environment that allows its community to become healthier and stronger. We believe that working with an exceptional and professional team to improve the wellness of our clients is essential to creating lasting results.

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The Heart Rythm Institute of Arizona

The Heart Rhythm Institute of Arizona is a proud partner with The Men’s Clinic for Wellness and Vitality. Dr. John F. Beshai is a renowned cardiologist who has a fundamental and industry-leading knowledge of atrial fibrillation’s effects on men’s health and wellness. Together as your care team, we can pursue proactive measures to address atrial fibrillation at its onset and slow the disease progression. With a thorough, long-term wellness plan that addresses cardiovascular concerns early on, we hope to give men a long, healthy life of wellness and vitality.

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