About US

Men’s Wellness Experts in Tucson, Arizona

Welcome to the Men’s Clinic for Wellness and Vitality. We are a team of medical doctors providing a unique, patient-centered approach to men’s wellness based on mutual respect and trust. Using the most scientifically sound lifestyle changes and medical treatments, we employ a concierge model of wellness planning that focuses on early proactive therapies to slow the aging process, prevent disease, enhance wellness and optimize vitality to ensure that the last half of your life is your best life yet. Our concierge treatment model is the ideal partner for your evolving needs – and we look forward to providing excellent care at every step of the way.

Drs. Piercecchi and Monterrosa created the Men’s Clinic for Wellness and Vitality after experiencing healthcare’s tendency to treat symptoms only after health concerns have taken their toll. They dedicate their efforts to helping men take a preventive approach to aging and poor health using the most developed science behind men’s health and wellness. Drs. Piercecchi and Monterrosa are also owners of Zykore Industries which is a specialized supplement company whose mission is to restore health, strength, and vitality by providing the most beneficial and evidence-based products.


Our Patients Are Always Our Top Priority

As a boutique health care service, we’ve chosen to maintain a small and select number of patients. We do this to ensure that we can have close relationships with our clients where we’re able to focus on each patient and guide them through every step of their wellness journey.

We address all things related to men’s health such as general medical care, prevention, physical fitness programming, nutrition, metabolic health, weight loss, anti-aging, hormone therapy, skin and body maintenance, stress reduction strategies, sleep optimization, and heart health.

Other clinics that claim to offer physician-directed care actually offer nurses, nurse practitioners, or naturopaths, none of which are medical doctors (MDs). We believe men’s health should be directed by a medical doctor. The only providers on our team are allopathic trained medical doctors who will guide you on your journey towards health and wellness.