Frequently Asked Questions

Men’s Wellness Experts in Tucson, Arizona

  • Why don’t you see female patients?
    Men and women have distinctly different health and wellness needs. One size does not fit all. We are a small, independent practice that has chosen to create an environment and level of service that is exclusive and unique to the needs of men.
  • Why should I see a medical doctor for wellness needs?
    The practice of wellness and antiaging medicine is not mainstream. There are no established guidelines nor agreement within the medical community on many of the strategies employed in this field. These treatment strategies are evolving and derived from groundbreaking and off-label applications of accepted, advanced practice and scientific research. For these reasons it is essential that a medical doctor with allopathic or osteopathic training be sought out to engage in this cutting-edge field of medicine as they are physician-scientists.

    This is not “primary care”. This is an emerging field that demands the highest scrutiny and attention to detail. Drs. Monterrosa and Piercecchi have a combined 50 years of experience in the medical field. Their broad range of education, specialty training, and experience serves as the foundation for their practice which is devoted to wellness, vitality, and antiaging medicine for men.
  • Am I going to see a doctor, naturopath or a nurse?
    We are medical doctors (M.D.’s). We believe that the only way to truly understand and address our patient’s needs is by caring for you ourselves!
  • Do you accept insurance?
    We do not contract with any insurance providers at this time. Our practice is very small. Our focus is on you. Time spent hassling with insurance companies is time taken away from our patients. Some labs, diagnostic tests and medications may be covered by Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s). We would be happy to provide you with a statement for these services that includes the necessary information that may allow you to get reimbursed from these accounts.
  • What is a wellness planner?
    As men strive for professional and financial success in life, they employ financial planners to execute sound investment plans that maximize returns and minimize risk to ensure their money will be there when they need it. This financial success doesn’t come if money isn’t regularly deposited into the investment account. Achieving an improved state of health requires that you invest in yourself by consistently “depositing” time and effort. As wellness planners, we guide your “investment”. By emphasizing prevention, nutrition, metabolic enhancement, physical and mental fitness, we work with you to improve your state of health, minimize disease progression and slow the aging process. To feel younger than your biological age is possible if you invest early in yourself. As your Wellness Planners, we aim to help you achieve meaningful returns: long-lasting health to make the last half of your life your best life yet!
  • My primary care physician says they can manage my wellness needs. What can you offer that is different?
    Primary care providers face tremendous obstacles as insurance reimbursement fails to keep up with the increasing costs of maintaining their practices. The need to schedule more patients in a day reduces the time they have available with each patient during a typical visit. Wellness care goes beyond managing chronic medical problems, adjusting medications, and ordering occasional lab work. It requires an in-depth, comprehensive assessment, examination, specialized testing, and individualized planning that simply cannot be accomplished in a 30- minute doctor’s visit twice a year.
  • Does testosterone cause prostate cancer?
    The controversy regarding testosterone replacement and the risk of prostate cancer is long-standing within the medical community. To date, there is not a single, reproducible quality research study to show that taking testosterone increases risk. What the research has consistently shown is that maintaining normal testosterone levels is important for bone density, decreased insulin resistance and body fat, and possibly lower cardiovascular risk.

    At The Men’s Clinic, we take a systematic and customized approach to determining your need for testosterone optimization therapy. Levels that may be considered normal for one patient may not be enough for another. Your medical history-focused exam, symptoms, lifestyle, and lab analysis are all carefully reviewed to determine if you are a candidate for testosterone optimization. If so, you will be followed and assessed regularly to ensure you are responding appropriately and on the path to optimal health.
  • A note about pricing
    We do not work with insurance companies which enables us to provide customized care for our patients while eliminating the battle between our patients and the insurance companies. Our pricing structure is not for everyone. Our clinic is reserved for patients seeking a transformative experience that aims to improve and prolong their lives. Our approach requires a commitment financially, mentally, and physically. In exchange, you will receive an experience that cannot be replicated.

Are you from out of town?


Our patients come to The Men’s Clinic from all over the country. Traveling for specialty care is becoming increasingly common as patients explore their best options available and find care outside their hometowns or states that fit their needs.