What Sets Us Apart

Men’s Wellness Experts in Tucson, Arizona

Why Are We Different, and Are We the Right Clinic for You?

The Men’s Clinic stands in a league of its own, distinctly set apart from the rest. We’re not here for fleeting solutions or superficial therapies. We cater exclusively to individuals who embrace a profound commitment to holistic wellness and revitalization. We maintain an unwavering focus on your needs. Our comprehensive wellness management plans, meticulously tailored to your individuality, address your present medical concerns and prevent future ailments, reducing heart attack risks and detecting cancer in its infancy. Our groundbreaking strategies transcend convention, rooted in the latest applied science. With decades of diverse expertise, we’ve forged an advanced longevity strategy to extend your health span and vitality, meticulously grounded in evidence-based practices. We shun the unethical practice of offering unnecessary services solely for profit, remaining steadfast in our commitment to authentic wellness. If you’re genuinely driven to elevate your health and be the best version of yourself, this is the place for you.

Our Attention to Your Needs is Unmatched

Diverging from the norm, our focus is unwaveringly on your journey to wellness. We’re more than just doctors; we’re mentors and guides, navigating your transformation alongside you. We invest time in understanding your unique barriers and tailor our guidance to overcome them. As concierge men’s wellness and longevity doctors, our ethos is built on proactive personalization. We don’t merely treat symptoms; we forge partnerships, equipping you with tools to actualize your goals and expand your health horizon. Our commitment extends beyond appointments – we’re there at every step, collaborating with a network of skilled professionals to holistically sculpt your path to excellence. Your needs are our compass, guiding us toward unparalleled care and fostering a journey toward optimal health.

The Men’s Clinic Experience

Our Approach

Achieve true optimal health with our team of expert physicians. Our comprehensive wellness care spans multiple specialties, including preventive medicine, hormone optimization, longevity and anti-aging, lipidology, cardiovascular risk management, stress management, sleep optimization, weight loss, and sexual health. Simplify your journey to optimal health with our 4-step process:


Getting Started

To schedule your consultation, please click the “Book Now” button. Note that this will be a temporary booking until we confirm your consultation. Our personalized concierge services are limited to ensure individualized care. We require a brief pre-consultation call to ensure that our practice is the right fit for you. This call takes less than 10 minutes and must be completed within two business days of booking. We will contact you to schedule the pre-consultation call.


Secure your appointment

To secure your appointment, complete the Intake Form and pay a non-refundable $150.00 consultation fee. This fee covers a 1-hour session with your physician. After the Pre-Consultation call, you will receive an email with payment instructions, and the fee must be paid within one business day to confirm your appointment. We will also send you a link to the Intake Form after scheduling your appointment for your convenience.



During your one-hour consultation, your physician will review the online intake form you completed prior to the appointment to better understand your health and wellness goals and concerns. Based on this information, a comprehensive template for your wellness plan will be created. If you decide to proceed with a wellness management plan, a mobile lab draw will be scheduled for you, and after receiving the results, a comprehensive exam will be scheduled.


Exam day 

On exam day, we will follow up on your consultation day. You will come in for a 2-4 hour evaluation, including thorough diagnostics and a personalized biomarker panel to establish your hormonal, metabolic, nutritional, and physical baselines. Our cardiovascular risk assessment is cutting-edge and unmatched, and we use the most complete lab analysis available, including advanced cardiac imaging. This time also allows your physician to answer any questions and get to know you better. At our clinic, we see our clients as partners, not just patients.