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What is Longevity Medicine?

“Longevity or anti-aging” is a trend mostly associated with holistic or alternative medical specialties. Conventional physicians outside of the cosmetic medical field have been slow to align themselves with this area of medicine, and rightly so – there is little evidence proving beneficial outcomes. Despite the claims of regenerative health from platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy, most “longevity” treatments are expensive and do little for your long-term health and wellness. With that said, there is emerging evidence for therapies that may be beneficial, and we at the Men’s Clinic focus on those.

The “anti-aging” therapies in the aesthetics world should not be confused with longevity. These therapies promise patients short-term, superficial results for a price. Lasers. Infusions. Injections. We believe that making someone’s skin look younger is NOT longevity medicine. It does not enhance longevity or slow disease progression. At the opposite end of the spectrum are evolving (and sometimes controversial) uses of prescription medications initially designed to treat other medical conditions. These can, for example, modify your immune system or alter how your body uses glucose. Although ongoing research studies show promising outcomes, most longevity drug therapies are cutting-edge and not FDA-approved for these purposes.

What Are My Options for Longevity Medicine?

We focus on treatments supported by the clinical research of relevant and renowned experts in the field. It is important to note that longevity medicine is not mainstream. There are no established guidelines or agreements within the medical community on many strategies employed in this emerging field. These treatment strategies evolve from groundbreaking and off-label applications of accepted, advanced practice and scientific research. We are here for one reason: to take care of our patients. We are not interested in selling you therapy or a product that doesn’t provide a high likelihood of enhancing your longevity and health. We seek to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients. As part of our Wellness Management Plan, we’ll review your wellness needs and determine if you are a candidate for any emerging longevity therapies.

What Steps Should I Take Going Forward?

Wellness and vitality begin when you decide to take charge of your mind, body, and lifestyle. To meet with our team and take advantage of the many benefits of our program philosophy, contact our Tucson office by calling or filling out our online form.

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