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Testosterone Optimization Therapy

Men’s Wellness Experts in Tucson, Arizona

What is Testosterone Optimization Therapy?

The goal of Testosterone Therapy is to optimize your hormone levels. Weight gain, muscle loss, fatigue, depression, poor sex drive, and erectile dysfunction are only a few symptoms of suboptimal testosterone levels. In men, this is commonly referred to as “andropause” or “low T”, and often begins in our 40’s. Most men just assume these problems are part of aging. They never stop to wonder if the causes could be hormone or nutrient deficiencies that can hinder your body’s natural testosterone production.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Optimization Therapy?

A healthy diet and fitness regimen can increase hormone levels, but these may not be enough to raise them to the levels your body requires. Adequate testosterone levels have been proven to help maintain bone density, decrease insulin resistance, decrease body fat, and lower cardiovascular risk. While the mainstream medical community is far behind the science in this area of practice, we have a modernized philosophy that is in line with the latest research to assess and treat those men who need hormone optimization. With our Men’s Vitality Plan we assess your hormones as well as your micronutrients while our Testosterone Optimization Plan focuses solely on hormone deficiency. Both are geared to restore your vigor!

What Steps Should I Take Going Forward?

Wellness and vitality begin when you decide to take charge of your mind, body, and lifestyle. To meet with our team and take advantage of the many benefits of our program philosophy, contact our Tucson office by calling or filling out our online form.


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