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Testosterone Optimization Therapy

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Testosterone Optimization Therapy

The goal of Testosterone Therapy is to optimize your hormone levels. Weight gain, muscle loss, fatigue, depression, poor sex drive, and erectile dysfunction are only a few symptoms of suboptimal testosterone levels. In men, this is commonly referred to as “andropause” or “low T”, and often begins in our 40’s. Most men just assume these problems are part of aging. They never stop to wonder if the causes could be hormone or nutrient deficiencies that can hinder your body’s natural testosterone production.

What is the Testosterone Optimization Protocol?

Our Testosterone Optimization Protocol represents a modernized approach to assessing and treating men’s hormones. A healthy diet and fitness regimen can increase hormone levels, but these may not be enough to raise them to the levels your body requires. Adequate testosterone levels have been proven to help maintain bone density, decrease insulin resistance, decrease body fat, and lower cardiovascular risk. While the mainstream medical community is far behind the science in this area of practice, we have a different philosophy that is in line with the latest research to assess and treat those men who need hormone optimization. Our Testosterone Optimization Protocol includes initial labs followed by a regroup visit to ensure that you are a candidate for hormone therapy. Follow-up exams and labs will be necessary over time. There is no subscription fee, and we will see you back at the appropriate times to follow up and ensure you are progressing well.  

 The Testosterone Optimization Protocol is an optional component of all our plans and is offered as a stand-alone option for those only in need of hormone optimization.

Testosterone Optimization FAQs

What will testosterone therapy do for me?

Testosterone therapy has many benefits beyond improved sexual function. Testosterone therapy can also benefit mood and energy levels, promote healthy muscle strength, lean body mass, and bone density.

What are the risks of testosterone therapy?

Testosterone therapy is generally safe, but in rare cases, can cause acne, male pattern baldness, low sperm count, breast growth, liver problems, blood clots, heart failure, and prostate enlargement.

What is andropause?

Andropause is a controversial phenomenon that some describe as the male version of menopause. It describes the symptoms that aging men experience as testosterone production decreases, usually beginning in a man’s 40s. Symptoms include loss of muscle mass, mood swings, insomnia, poor concentration, sexual dysfunction, and lack of energy. The medical community does not agree that andropause exists.

Who is a good candidate for testosterone therapy?

We consider multiple factors besides total testosterone levels to determine if someone is an appropriate candidate for replacement therapy. A detailed history and physical exam in conjunction with lab analysis and your symptoms are necessary.

How can I raise my testosterone levels naturally?

Exercise, weight loss, improved diet, as well as some vitamins and supplements may help increase your body’s own testosterone production. This strategy may work for those who are overweight, inactive, and have a poor diet. This strategy probably wont work for those who are relatively active and healthy or those who have certain health conditions causing low testosterone production.

What Steps Should I Take Going Forward?

Wellness and vitality begin when you decide to take charge of your mind, body, and lifestyle. To meet with our team and take advantage of the many benefits of our program philosophy, contact our Tucson office by calling or filling out our online form.


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