Welcome to The Men’s Clinic for Wellness and Vitality, where we offer a unique approach to wellness.

As medical doctors, we focus on proactive management and long-term health planning, emphasizing early disease detection and enhancing your quality of life.

Men’s health needs are frequently underestimated, leading to silent disease progression until it’s too late. This inspired us to create The Men’s Clinic, where we are dedicated to developing proactive measures and designing comprehensive wellness plans to prevent premature aging and promote overall health.

Our approach encompasses a wide range of medical disciplines, including nutritional biochemistry, lipidology, preventive health, heart and vascular health, exercise physiology, sleep physiology, stress management, pharmacology, and hormones. 

Our Distinctive Approach

  • Evidence-Based Care: We rely on proven practices, avoiding unproven therapies
  • Cash-Only: We don’t accept insurance, ensuring personalized care
  • Physician-coach-patient relationships
  • Interactive Protocols: integrated into wellness plans by Physicians, crafted to your personal needs and wellness goals, guided by ongoing health coaching.

Our Service Categories

  • Wellness Planning: Like financial planning, but for your health and wellness, ensuring sustained vitality throughout your life and geared towards enhancing your overall health span.
  • Metabolic Health: Our personalized metabolic protocols are designed to enhance and optimize your metabolic well-being, not only to prevent disease but also to optimize your energy and performance.
  • Longevity: Utilizing up-to-date, science and evidence-based approaches, our goal is not only to prolong your life but to optimize your well-being as you age.
The Men’s Clinic Experience

Our Approach

Achieve true optimal health with our team of expert physicians. Our comprehensive wellness care spans multiple specialties, including preventive medicine, hormone optimization, longevity and anti-aging, lipidology, cardiovascular risk management, stress management, sleep optimization, weight loss, and sexual health. Simplify your journey to optimal health with our 4-step process:


Getting Started

To schedule your consultation, please click the “Book Now” button. Note that this will be a temporary booking until we confirm your consultation. Our personalized concierge services are limited to ensure individualized care. We require a brief pre-consultation call to ensure that our practice is the right fit for you. This call takes less than 10 minutes and must be completed within two business days of booking. We will contact you to schedule the pre-consultation call.


Secure your appointment

To secure your appointment, complete the Intake Form and pay a non-refundable $150.00 consultation fee. This fee covers a 1-hour session with your physician. After the Pre-Consultation call, you will receive an email with payment instructions, and the fee must be paid within one business day to confirm your appointment. We will also send you a link to the Intake Form after scheduling your appointment for your convenience.



During your one-hour consultation, your physician will review the online intake form you completed prior to the appointment to better understand your health and wellness goals and concerns. Based on this information, a comprehensive template for your wellness plan will be created. If you decide to proceed with a wellness management plan, a mobile lab draw will be scheduled for you, and after receiving the results, a comprehensive exam will be scheduled.


Exam day 

On exam day, we will follow up on your consultation day. You will come in for a 2-4 hour evaluation, including thorough diagnostics and a personalized biomarker panel to establish your hormonal, metabolic, nutritional, and physical baselines. Our cardiovascular risk assessment is cutting-edge and unmatched, and we use the most complete lab analysis available, including advanced cardiac imaging. This time also allows your physician to answer any questions and get to know you better. At our clinic, we see our clients as partners, not just patients.


Meet the Doctors

Dr. Christopher Piercecchi

Dr. Piercecchi is a distinguished combat veteran and Medical Doctor with over 27 years of experience in the medical field. Through his experience as a cardiac surgeon, he’s witnessed how poor lifestyle choices and the aging process can lead to heart disease, the #1 cause of death in men. Dr. Piercecchi’s focus is to help men be proactive so they can live their lives to the fullest.


Dr. Annette Monterrosa

Over her last 20 years in medicine, Dr. Monterrosa has cared for tens of thousands of patients. She has firsthand experience with many of the concerns that follow men into later life like hormone imbalances, stress, poor diet, and a sedentary lifestyle. She is an expert who is dedicated to improving men’s health and quality of life through disease prevention, longevity enhancement, and stress reduction.


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