Telehealth Diagnostics

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Telehealth Diagnostics

At The Men’s Clinic, our primary aim is to improve men’s wellness and prioritize early risk detection and primary prevention. We offer easy online access to lab analysis and consultation. Our individual packages include essential options such as heart health, hormones, genetic testing, micronutrients, fatty acids, and more. As part of our online consultation, a team of two medical doctors will go step by step through your results with you.

Personalized Assessment of Your Health Status

At The Men’s Clinic, we offer a variety of lab options nationwide. Our doctors can review your results and create a personalized care plan for your health needs on a virtual platform, available to you from the comfort of your own home.

Your Telehealth Diagnostics Process

1. Locate a blood draw center near you

Please visit to find a draw center or a mobile phlebotomist near you. – note that most blood draw centers charge a small fee for services. If you cannot find a draw site that is convenient for you, please visit for more options. If you need assistance locating a draw center feel free to reach out to us at

2. Visit our online shop (linked below)

After locating a blood draw center, return to this page and click on the Order Now button below to visit our Wellness Labs Online Shop. There, you’ll review our different packages available and select the one that’s best for your health needs.

3. Order your labs

Enter our online shop and select your preferred lab option. If you need help selecting one, our team is available to help. Each option includes a virtual consultation with Drs. Piercecchi and Monterrosa to review your results and guide your health journey.

Wellness Labs Online Shop

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