Is Testosterone Therapy Safe?

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You’ve likely heard about testosterone replacement therapy as a way of reversing symptoms of aging and regaining health and vitality. Although many clinics may lead you to believe testosterone therapy is harmless, there is much to be learned about testosterone therapy’s risks and benefits. Here are a few words of caution about testosterone therapy and why you should seek out a medical doctor who specializes in men’s health and wellness.

Be Cautious of “Low T” Clinics

Testosterone therapy has emerged as a popular option for men pursuing youth and vitality – and its use has increased dramatically over the past decade. Because of this, many practitioners in the medical community worry that too many men are being prescribed testosterone inappropriately without properly disclosing the risks. “Low T” clinics advertise “fountain of youth” results that can stop aging in its tracks. They lure men in with the term “andropause”, a debatable phenomenon that likens the age-related decline of testosterone in men to menopause. The problem is that too many men are being started on testosterone without evidence of low levels. 

Know the Risks and Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

While many “low T” clinics are prescribing testosterone inappropriately, the mainstream medical community remains in the dark ages about men’s health issues. Many doctors fail to recognize emerging research showing the many benefits of testosterone therapy. This doesn’t mean testosterone is right for every man; it means that for some men it may be more indicated than we previously thought and can possibly improve their quality of life.

While there are clear benefits to testosterone therapy for some men, most should be cautious before succumbing to “low T” advertisements. There are risks to taking testosterone and studies have shown that many online vendors of testosterone minimize the negative effects while emphasizing “possible” benefits. 

Seek Out A Reputable Men’s Health Physician

At the Men’s Clinic, we continue to review the research and believe that testosterone offers tremendous benefits including increased energy, improved mood, increased muscle mass and bone density, less insulin resistance, and lower cardiovascular risk for the right patient. A proper and thorough assessment is crucial to determining who is an appropriate candidate for therapy. Taking time to sit with our patients to thoroughly discuss the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy is critical to helping them make the right decision for themselves. And if it turns out that you are not a candidate for therapy, we are here to help you explore other interventions that may be beneficial for you. 

Schedule an Appointment

If you are curious to learn more about testosterone therapy, the most important step is to find the right doctor who thoroughly examines you and takes a detailed medical history to properly diagnose and determine if this therapy is right for you. Don’t go to fly-by-night “Low T” online or strip mall clinics. Stay away from clinics that just check labs and never even bother to examine you themselves. This is just lazy. These types of businesses are not real medical practices. 

Our hope is that you find the right doctor for you. It doesn’t need to be with us. There must be a “fit” between you and your physician. We are available to answer questions, and help you find a qualified physician no matter what part of the country you are in. To schedule an appointment at the Men’s Clinic for Wellness & Vitality, contact us by calling or filling out our online form.

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